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Classics Crossword for the cold winter nights

Cretan Princess (7)
Athenian Statesman (5)
Author of the Nicomachean Ethics (9)
Ruled Rome with Crassus and Caesar (6)
A play by Aristophanes including a trip to the underworld (5)
Early philosopher famous for paradoxes (4)
A book by Madeleine Miller (3,4,2,8)
Odyssey Translator (5,6)
Those who lure sailors onto rocks (6)
Ovid's poetic love interest (7)
Mother of Romulus and Remus (4,6)
Roman emperor during the conquest of Britain (8)
A phrase from Juvenal: bread and _____ (8)
Dido's Sister (4)
Roman name for Scotland (9)
Author of Oedipus the King (9)
Poet from Lesbos (6)
Name of Cyclops in the Odyssey (10)
Mount Olympus' Delivery Service? (6)
Roman Historian (7)
Roman Comedy Writer (7)
Herodotus' Hometown (13)
Trojan King in Iliad (5)