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Teacher: Alexis Krolick
Atomic number is 26
Belongs to alkaline earth metals group, atomic number is 22.
number of protons or electrons normally found in an atom of a given chemical element
Occurs when an electron gains energy
The number of elements in the periodic table
properties intermediate between those of typical metals and nonmetals.
Negatively charged, same amount of protons
The electrons on the outermost orbital are known as
Positively charged particle
elements on the periodic table that belong to a group, also know as...
Lowest allowable energy state
The number of valence electrons this element has is 5.
Atomic mass number 24.3050
Creator of the periodic table
the average mass of atoms of an element
The same number of protons, but different number of neutrons is called a
Negatively charged particle
the name given to a horizontal row of the periodic table.
Atomic number 8 on periodic table of elements
The smallest object that retains properties of an element.