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Dogs of the World

A hunting dog originating from central Africa which cannot bark but instead yodels.
Originating from Mexico, this tiny critter is supposedly one of the most aggressive breeds.
Aka "Doge", this pup's name means small brushwood dog in Japanese.
These pups are Queen Lizzy's favourite, and were originally bred in Wales as cattle-herding dogs.
This Belgian breed is used by the US Navy Seals for their intelligence, agility, loyalty, and stealth.
A breed of guard dog designed by a German tax collector.
Hailing from Siberia, these pups were originally bred to haul sleds.
Originating from China, this pup is famous for its lion mane and signature blue tongue.
The nickname for toy bulldogs with big personalities which first appeared in Paris in the 1800s.
An Australian canine infamously accused of stealing a baby from a campsite.