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Grains, Beans, Meat, Poultry & Fish

Domesticated birds intended for human consumption
Meat from swine
thin white or transparent white tissue
Edible animal organs are usually called
Edible portion of mammals
process of adding 10% or more of the daily value for a specific nutrient to a product by the manufacture
process in which some nutrients are lost during processing and are added back to the product
Meat of domesticated mature cattle usually over 12 months of age
shellfish that have long bodies with jointed limbs covered with a shell
a very yellowish connective tissue
small white flecks of internal fat within the muscle tissue of the meat
shellfish with soft bodies that are covered by at least one shell
most common grade sold in supermarkets
a tiny embryo in a seed that with allow it to grow into a new plant
large cuts for marketing
protein that’s in wheat
pig intestines
the entire edible grain kernel is used
the food supply to the seed embryo
Contain very short muscle fibers that are arranged in layers
the edible outer protective layers of a seed
Plants who's seeds grow in pods that split along both sides when ripe