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Chemistry Vocab Crossword Puzzle

Author: Natalie Barber
Also known as outer orbital
Involves a non-metal and a non-metal
Non-uniform mixtures
The ratio of the solute to the solvent
Protons have this
Involves a metal and a non-metal
A pure substance containing TWO or more kinds of atoms
Negatively charged particles
Uniform mixtures, A.K.A. solutions
Positively charged particles
Takes up space
When molecules of a solvent pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one, equalizing the concentrations on each side
Substance that is disolved
Electrons have this
Homogeneous mixture of one or more substances, mixed with another substance
Substance that does the disolving
A pure substance containing only ONE kind of atom
The center of an atom
Two or more elements or compounds NOT chemically combined
The basic unit of a chemical element