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Recent US History Final

NAME:____________________    BLOCK:_____
Stalemate on western front caused both sides to dig in and fight this style of war.
Charismatic German leader who rose to power in 1933 on a platform of removing all of the humiliations of the Treaty of Versailles.
Nation had a treaty with Great Britain for defense and was invaded by Germany in its attack on France.
Woodrow Wilson's proposal to make a peace with Germany which would have been a just peace.
Extreme patriotism and pride in one's country, culture, language.
Austria Hungary's heir to the crown who was assassinated in Sarajevo
Treaties and agreements between countries for mutual defense and benefit
National Socialist Party in Germany which would become a powerful political as Germany struggled under the Treaty of Versailles
Serbian Student that assassinated Franz Ferdinand
Weapon that made charges across no man's land costly.
An agreement to stop fighting as first step to a peace treaty
Had an alliance with Serbia and mobilized their army to defend Serbia against Austria-Hungary
Treaty that ended world war 1 signed in June of 1919
Clause of Treaty of Versailles that forced Germany to pay for damages to allies of $33 Billion.
German ruler "king"
Strategic resource that was stripped from germany by France
Clause of treaty of versailles that forced Germany to accept the blame and responsibility for the war.
Poisonous gas that was named for its yellow color.
Belief that all ethnic germans should be under German rule.
Domination by a strong country over a weak country to secure raw materials and secure markets. control can be political, economic, and cultural.
Agreements and treaties between countries for mutual protection and benefit.