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The Historical Books

Mrs. Haggerty: Mrs. Haggerty
David unites these--into one nation
12 deliverers of the Hebrew people
David commits adultery with her (Solomon's mother)
Descendant of David - fulfillment of the Covenant
The second king of Israel
The last judge
A nation ruled by God
(4 words) sacred chest that housed the Ten Commandments
Leads the Israelites into the Promised Land
Philistine woman who caused Samson's capture
Lead by a king or queen
Babylonian king who destroyed the Temple of Solomon (also known as Darius)
...leadership-is based on humble service to God's people
Judge who sings, "May all your enemies perish thus, O Lord!"
The sin of the Hebrews in the Cycle of Deliverance
The first prophet
The first king of Israel
Judge whose strength was diminished by cutting his hair
(2 words) traditional site where God showed Moses the promised land
The belief and worship of many gods
Builds the Temple in Jerusalem
Judge whose conversion comes from an angel
Giant killed by David's slingshot
David's son and the third king of Israel
The Canaanite god