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U.S. History Test 4 review

Teacher: Mrs. Holt
Proposed the "American System"
What man resigned from the Vice Presidency of the United States
Who was the lawyer that became the best-known evangelist of the Second Great Awakening
Name the man who helped President Jackson attack the national bank
What meeting of European nations threatened to help Spain reclaim her lost
What state was added to the Union in 1820 as part of the Missouri compromise
Who was elected president in 1820
Founded Five points Mission
Missionary to Liberia
What political party was organized to resist the programs of Jackson
Founded commune of New Harmony
Improved conditions for the mentally ill
Which civic organization was founded to help evangelize and assist young men in the growing industrial cities
What is the buying of land with the intention of selling at a profit when the market price rises
Which president was known as "old Hickory"
Which tribe suffered on the "Trail of Tears"
The era of good feelings began with which President's election
Great orator who opposed sectionalism
Who upheld the doctrine of implied powers
Which area of the country took the lead in extending suffrage