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Chapter 5 US History

Teacher: Mr. Black
The ______________ disliked the lack of a bill of rights.
In 1789, the new Congress convened in ______________.
The __________ argued that a strong central government could overcome the difficulties facing the new nation.
The new ______, or national, government included no executive branch.
Group of people chosen from each state, they indirectly elects the President.
A series of 85 essays written by Madison, Hamilton, and John Jay.
In 1777, the Continental Congress drafted the _______ , the new constitution for the the union of the states.
The plan proposed creating a government that divided power among the legislature, executive, and judicial branches.
Led by Roger Sherman, the delegates worked out a compromise between the Virginia and the the New Jersey plans.
Counted each slave as three fifths of a person to be added to a state's free population in allocating representatives to the House of Representatives and electoral college votes.
The delegates ruled that nine states had to _________ the new Constitution in specially elected conventions.
The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 provided a government for the western territory, as well as a process for _____________.
In 1786, the Massachussetts army suppressed an uprising by farmers known as ______________.
The delegates supported a system known as _____________, which divided government power between the national and state governments.
The first ten amendments to the Constitution that provided basic rights.
The territory north of the Ohio River and west of Pennsylvania to the Mississippi River.
A single house elected by the people.
Governments in which officials are representatives elected by the people.
In the Land Ordinance of 1785, the Congress designed a system for distributing the _____________.
The powers to make, implement, and enforce the laws were placed with the __________.