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Ungulates in Alaska

Place the sheep and goats video was made
Females have antlers
We don't need no_________ nope nope
Summer food of moose_________ plants
Winter moose food
Have hair live birth and nurse youn
Sheep live here
Digest cellulose for ruminants
Biome of moose
Female sheep are called
Made of bone
Torment caribou
Blood flow in caribou legs
Deer Family
Where muskox live
Male goats
Horns have growth rings
Where goats live
Moose kick with their__________ feet
Number of chambers in ruminant stomach
What happens to antlers in winter
Winter food of caribou
Specialized hooves for climbing
Muskox were imported from
Muskox brains are protected by up to 4 inches of horn and 3 inches of________
Most common cause of mortality of sheep except predators
Group of female moose
Name for juvenile goat
Family of sheep and goats
Genetic Diversity of Alaskan Muskox
Caribou do this on the arctic coastal plain
Muskox form a __________around their young to defend them
Often have twins
Young sheep
Flying predator of young sheep
We live where the mountains are steep
Like our stomach
This caribou herd lives in Canada and NE Alaska
Small and tasty
Soft under hair of Muskox
Moose use their horns to establish
Holds large particles of food to be rechewed
Female goat
Sheath of Keratin
Pregnant caribou lead this migration
Latest ungulate reintroduced to Alaska
Vegetation re-chewed by ruminants