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The Nearly Calamitous Taming of PZ

Made by: Ellie Owens
Lolly J's breed
Lolly .J's job in the lab
Lolly J's owner
Dottie's headwear
The book that ends up being a meal
A bed for dogs
How Olivia is taught to walk Lolly J
What Olivia and Lolly J find for each other
Puppy brothers and sisters
The animal Lolly J is
Dottie's personality
Where Lolly J goes after the lab
Lolly. J'S ladybug friend
Where Lolly J lived in the lab
Lolly J's dog freind
The place Lolly J works at before she gets adopted
What Lolly J stole off the table
Lolly J's original name
Where the ladybugs hang out