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George Washington Carver Facts

During his early childhood, GWC lived on a farm in ____ Grove, Missouri.
One of Carver's paintings received honorable ____ at the 1893 Chicago's World Fair.
GWC was known as the young ____ doctor.
BTW recruited GWC to head the ____ Department @ Tuskegee Institute.
GWC ____ and inspired students at Tuskegee Institute for over 40 years.
GWC was a ____.
GWC was renowned for his innovative ____ on southern crops and farming methods.
GWC was a notable & respected ____>
GWC was an ____ when the Civil War & Slavery ended.
GWC came up with over 300 uses for the ____.
GWC was an ____, he loved painting plants!
GWC had a spiritual connection with ____.
Carver called his laboratory "God's little ____."