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"The Office" Deep Cuts

What Dwight dresses up as in "Christmas Party"
Nick was definitely the most knowledgeable about this, an extension to the TLS computer networking protocol
What Michael thought the ingrown hair on his lip was
"Believed" in Paris*
What Dwight does in the office as volunteer sheriff
According to Dwight, he is somewhere between a snake, a mongoose, and this in terms of speed
What Jim and Dwight would probably call themselves in earlier seasons, but definitely not by the end of the show
Ryan put four of these in Michael's pudding in "The Injury"
An acronym for something Michael would probably be most concerned with if he ran the country
Unlike the ideal soil for growing beets
If Kelly had a certain receptionist's name, instead of the other way around, then there would be two of these in the office
A type of that which Dwight gifts to Pam as a "prank" on Jim in "Christmas Wishes"
Charles probably wouldn't be interested in these, but a miner would be
Pam and Jim's daughter, according to Dwight
Not an alcoholic drink served at Benihana, but British writer Hector Hugh Munro's pen name
The beverage of choice for the Finer Things Club
The Scranton Strangler and others
Dwight's perfect crime is to do this to the chandelier at Tiffany's
Dwight dresses up as Belsnikel, who determines if children are admirable or like this mythical creature
A misspelling of something Phillip might wear in season 8
A dark granular rock used to make abrasive powder
Kevin's gift to himself in "Christmas Party," in Canada*
The stock value of this Chinese multinational automobile manufacturer is probably higher than that of DMI
Not "We Didn't Start the Fire," but "_____ Extremes"
The actress who plays Andy's girlfriend, Jessica, might go by this nickname
Boom mic operator Brian's ex-wife
Phillip to Dwight, in Luxembourg*
Genghis Khan, who Dwight claims would beat both Jason Bourne and James Bond in a fight
Pass, or _____ turn
A popular music channel on Michael's favorite time-wasting site
What Jim and Dwight let Kelly do during work to make up for forgetting her birthday
A pair of pants in Marseille*
Angela has to move in with Oscar in season 9 after being this
Beets again
Angela reveals in season 5 that she once reported Oscar to this organization
53-down is a type of this
A band, a cable TV channel, and what Angela always gives her cats
Michael claims he's like Eddie Murphy in this, but they're trying to make him like Eddie Murphy in Daddy Day Care
Town in the eastern Netherlands
Pam won multiple awards at the Dundies mocking how _____ her engagement to Roy was
Toby's true crime podcast
Michael gets upset in "Safety Training" and starts ranting abt. this type of museum
What causes Michael to pass out after he doesn't eat for three days out of nervousness
Japanese term that could be used to describe Hidetoshi Hasagawa after he moves to the U.S.
Another word for "fix," something Angela claims she did to her humping cats
Teacher's assts.
Not a Dwight in distress, but a Pam _____
Sabre's celebrity spokesperson
Guide, like the animal Ryan sits on while trying to convince Kelly to choose him over Ravi
What the Schrutes don't put their deceased in
"_____ sometimes. When we scrapbook. Or right towards the end of having sex."
LaVerne's pie stand also changes this, if you need it
What Dwight claims he doesn't do in "Business Ethics"
Less enthusiastic version of "absolutely I will"
Abbr. for the game Jim and Darryl played in "The Deposition"
A clothing store where Angela definitely wouldn't shop
Gives off, like an odor (possibly from Serenity by Jan)
It's implied in "Money" that Angela has this sleep disorder
Swedish butter brand
Michael and Dwight have big ones (that's what she said)
"I am _____, always"
The starred clues aren't exactly this, but they're derivative
Geology abbr.
A Murder for Framing
Michael's infamous White Elephant gift, intended for Ryan
Stanley's love for Pretzel Day
Programming language standard designed to ctrl. instruments
General who served in the Klingon Defense Force (not in Battlestar Galactica)
Something Robert Lipton does not have the power to do to a bill
A charity that Dwight doesn't like
Pokémon, for ex.
Root beer brand Holly doesn't drink in "Garage Sale"
Dwight and Clark might go to this store after their joint sales call in "Suit Warehouse" to complete their ensembles