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Christmas Time

Author: Cierra
How many generations are there since Grandma and Granddaddy?
In what state was Tiauna born in?
What is Granddaddy's middle name?
What is Grandma Dee's first name?
What's the name of the place Granddaddy was born in?
What is the name of the Black National Anthem?
What man in the Bible fell in love with Ruth?
What famous NBA player is retiring this year?
How many siblings does Granddaddy and Grandma have all together?
In the Bible, who was in the belly of the whale?
Who won the 2015 NBA Finals?
What will be the name of the WNBA team that will be from Dallas?
How many reindeer did Santa have?
Spell Taj's first name.
What is Grandma's mothers first name?
Who was the first woman in the WNBA to dunk?
What is Grandma's fathers first name?
How many grandkids does grandma and granddaddy have?