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Christmas carols

Author: Salsa
A gift 3 kings gave 2 the King of Kings
Above. Look __ 2 C Star of Bethlehem
Night B4. Christmas __
1st Gospel with Christmas story
Broadcast. Hark, the __ angels sing!
Sister with a dark habit
Average. When Santa's sled hits turbulence, he knows it's just __ 4 the course
Christ. __ is the reason 4 the season
Maintain. While mortals sleep the angels __ their watch
Lapland sled (ab)
Santa's transportation
What carolers do when they forget the lyrics
Skin. Word of the Father now in __ appearing (O Come All Ye Faithful)
Solace. O tidings of __ & joy!
Hanukkah miracle is this lasting 8 days to light menorah
Christmas dairy drink, __ nog
Everyone. O Come __ Ye Faithful
Rustic address like North Pole
Off course. Christ our Savior was born on Christmas day to save us when we were gone __
Merry. __ Birthday, Jesus!
Loyal. O Come All Ye __
Sacred sacrificial stage. Kneel @ the __ & it will alter your life
Prayer posture
The First __
O Come, O Come __ (means "God with us")
Devil's. Christ our Savior was born on Christmas day to save us all from __ power
Force. Only Christ has __ over death & the devil
Lamb tenders. This, this is Christ the King, whom __ guard & angels sing
__ Maria
Percussionist. Little __ Boy
Furry source of comfort & joy
Song sung by 1
Illumination. In the dark streets shineth the everlasting __
Old Testament name 4 God
Evergreen. __ jolly Christmas
Christmas song
A gift 3 kings gave to the King of Kings
Anointing lubricant or EVOO
Bliss. __ to the world, the Lord is come!
Jesus' birth cut the timeline of history into BC & __