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Science - Isaac Crockett

Science: Isaac Crockett
Non-moving weather front.
Best place to shelter during a tornado
Movement of air on the Earth's surface.
Heat transfer between solid objects.
Low level clouds.
Another name for tropical cyclone.
What is the atmosphere we live in?
Any water vapor that falls to Earth.
Possible effect of ultraviolet radiation over-exposure.
Where do meteoroids burn up?
This is the most abundant gas in the air.
Atmospheric boundary separating masses of air of different densities.
Which layer protects us from harmful sun rays?
Transfer of energy by photons in electromagnetic waves.
A cold front on a weather map is shown as a blue line with _____?
In which layer is ozone located?
Tall clouds that produce thunderstorms.
Violent circulating column of air.
Heat transfer from one place to another by movement of fluids.
Very high level clouds.
This gas makes up close to one fourth of the air surrounding Earth.
Weather phenomenon that kills about 49 people a year in the U. S.
This is the third most abundant gas in the atmosphere.
Formed when tiny cloud droplets freeze.
Precipitation with small translucent balls of ice.