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A2/B1 Kitchen Utensils

Teacher: LLT:
Mix your cake ingredients in this. GINXIM LOWB
Oriental knife and fork! PICHSTOCKS
The Swiss army ones have lots of different tools. FINKE
Now the pasta's done, put it in here to make it a great carbonara! AUSPECAN
Shake your lettuce leaves dry in here. LANDECOR
Stick the metal ends into your food, lift it to your mouth and enjoy! KORF
Dry your dishes on one of these. RANIDING BODAR
Fill this up with the correct amount of liquid. SINGMEARU GUJ
Cut on this - Chop, chop! COPHPING RODAB
Cut your cake and lift it with this. EACK LERICS
Takes the skin of your fruit and veg. LEEREP
Eat soup with it, lick it clean, then use it for dessert! PONOS