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US History Chapter 6

Teacher: Mr. Black
The Americans won their greatestat the Battle of New Orleans under Andrew ____________.
In 1803, the _____________ Purchase from France nearly doubled the size of the United States.
The British did capture the national capital and burned the White House and the __________.
The Federalist exploited the war fever to pass the ______________. Arguing that criticism undermined trust in the government.
To avoid another electoral crisis, a constitutional ____________ required electors to vote separately for President and Vice President.
In the ______ of 1812, the United States went to war with Britain
As President, ____________ helped unify the country during the difficult times of the 1790"s.
The authors of the Constitution wanted to avoid organized _____________.
Engaged in a tough war and desparately needing sailors, Britain relied on ____________, or taking American sailors from their ships and forcing them to be British sailors.
The Americans had failed to conquer Canada, while the British had failed in their American invasions. In the Treaty of ______, both sides agreed to prewar boundaries.
In 1793, leaders of the ______________ declared war on European monarchies.
Jefferson had paid protection money to the Barbary States, but when the price increased, Jefferson blockaded the port of Tripoli, winning a favorable peace in the ______________ War in 1805.
The case of _____________ established the power of judicial review.
Limiting the federal government to powers explicitly granted by the constitution.
Acts that become traditions to be followed.
Group of federal leaders who headed the major departments of the executive branch and served as advisers to the President.
Jefferson recognized the popularity of a common style. Many saw his election as a "___________".
The _________ roused public sentiment against France.
The power to review the acts of Congress and the President to determine whether they were constitutional.
In 1794, the excise tax on whiskey led to the __________.
In 1811, some young aggressive politicians known as the ______ _________ pushed for war against Britian.
As an alternative to war in 1807, Jefferson persuaded Congress to declare an ____________, or suspending trade by ordering American ships to stay in port.
The warrior __________ wanted to unite the Indian nations in armed resistance against American expansion.
To raise revenue for the federal government.