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History Vocab Chapters 13 & 14

Mrs. Cunningham: Josh Mast
women that adopted the new style in the 1920's
protestant movement that resisted practives of other protestant groups
the fright that communism would take place in the U.S.
NYC neighborhood where African Americans gathered that were proud of their heritage
miners' protest because customers charge was raised but not their pay
well made, low cost automobile from Ford
exposed a division that contraseted the beliefs of traditional religious values vs. the new theory of christians accepting evolution, otherwise known as liberals
allowed people to pay off their car over time
ruled Chicago's underworld with his supporters
African American poet who wrote Why should I want to be white? I am Negro- and beautuful
raids that took place to capture alleged radicals
helped make goods faster
name given to American writers that wrote about the horrors of WW1
two men blamed for the murder of a paymaster guard near Bosten
nickname for Elliot Ness and his detectives because of their dedication and honesty
the transition for industry from war to peace time
radical Russian socialists who seized power from Russia after the Russian people overthrew czar
populat music choice in the 1920's
famous jazz musician of the era
organized young detectives to go after gangsters and enforce prohibition laws