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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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20 Questions • Random Trivia • Demo 1

What was the first US state?
Hg is the chemical symbol of which element?
Which email service is owned by Microsoft?
What is the capital city of Spain?
What is the third sign of the zodiac?
Groups of lions are known as what?
Kodiak island is in which US state?
Which castle is on the island of Anglesey?
What nationality was Marco Polo?
What’s the world’s largest ocean?
What’s the hardest rock?
What’s the world’s biggest island?
Who was the first American to go into space?
Which country did the band AC/DC originate in?
In what state did the first official American baseball game take place?
Which mammal doesn’t have vocal cords?
The colored part of the human eye is called what?
What is the national dish of Spain?
What is the fastest fish in the ocean?
What is the fear of spiders known as?