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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Teacher: Mrs. Salata
We can feel truly alone when looking at the stars because they are __________
Thoreau encourages his reader to build castles in the air and then to put __________ under them.
In Walden, Thoreau advises his reader to follow his own ______
Emerson believes that the power to create a unity with God comes from a ________ of man and nature
Writers believed that people could discover truth through _________
Thoreau went to Walden Pond to live ___________
One special quality of the writing of this period is that it reaches and _______ us today
Emerson tells he reader that in order to experience nature one must have the heart of a _________
Literary movement based on the belief that the fundamental truths about life and death can be reached by going beyond the senses.
Writers of this period were against _____ ______, materialism, and formalized religion.
The speaker in "The Rhodora" presents himself as wiser than the ________
One characteristic of the movement
Emerson observes that man is timid and ________
Writers of this period believed that people could rise above the ______ ________
Former minister who kept track of his ideas in a "Savings Bank" and believed in the possibilities of the mind and spirit.
Thoreau says he dislikes the ______ _____ and the news
Thoreau advises against listening to _______ ______ for several reasons
The purpose of the rhodora is to _________ the world around it
One characteristic of the movement,
Thoreau says that our lives are _______ away by details
He attended Harvard University, but was thought to be an interesting failure
Emerson begins his "Self-Reliance" essay by telling the reader to _______ _______
One characteristic of the movement
One characteristic of the movement
This word means to rise above or pass the limits of.
Emerson believes that man's problem is that he does not live in the _________