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Chapter 7 - US History

Teacher: Mr. Carpenter
Gave the US the right to intervene in Cuban affairs.
Chinese revolt against the "Foreign Devils".
Stated that the US would act on behalf of Latin America in dealing with the rest of the world.
Hawaiian king forced to sign this, giving up rights.
Extension of a nation's power over other lands.
Roosevelt's show of US military power around the world.
Critical letter about President McKinley.
Battleship that mysteriously exploded in Havana Harbor.
Made Puerto Rico a US territory.
The US sent troops to Mexico to try to capture this revolutionary.
Sensational reporting to sell newspapers.
Last queen of Hawaii.
Using economic power to achieve American goals.
Hawaiian sugar tycoon.
Roosevelt negotiated an end to Russo-Japanese war in 1904.
Policy proposed by John Hay to leave China open for trade.
Site of a canal linking Pacific to Atlantic Oceans.