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Election Words

To be used with the November 7, 2022, issue of Scholastic News, Edition 4
A _____ party is a group of citizens with similar ideas about how a country should be run.
The _____ of Representatives is the branch of Congress with 435 members.
The _____ is the branch of Congress with 100 members—two for each state.
_____ are the elections that take place midway through a president’s four-year term.
A _____ is more than half of a group.
Slips of paper or electronic forms used to cast votes in an election are called _____.
A _____ is the head of a state government.
_____ are proposals for new laws.
Members of Congress meet in the U.S. _____ in Washington, D.C.
Positions in the U.S. Congress are known as _____.