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history crossword

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Egyptian kings or rulers
Simple drawings that represent objects
Dry grasslands
Study of pre-history
Deals with private rights and matters
A large stepped temple
Objects made by humans
Territory settled and ruled by people from another land
Preservation of dead bodies by embalming them and wrapping them in cloth
A group of states or territories controlled by one ruler
Study of pre-history
Laws deal with offences against others
Belief in many gods
The ruler of akkad
A city and its surrounding lands and villages
Earliest form of writing
System of ranking groups
A triangle area of marsh
Skilled crafts people
The ancient Egyptians form of writing
From 10 million bc to about 10,000 bc
King of Babylon
Objects made by humans
Earliest form of laws
Ruling family
Complex highly organized social order
The land between two rivers
Worlds first civilization
Time period before people invented writing
First female ruler
Belief in spirits or forces that reside in animals etc.
People who kept records for priest, rulers, and chants