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TMF Christmas Crossword 2022

Right on Brando (3,4,3)
Bike of Tatooine?
The Triumphs of Tooting
Road tester
Bike detector
Heated your pad without melting
Enduro motorcycle comes second
Over and out
Green-eyed Monster?
Both eyes
Head case
Going straight
Motorcycle Live month
Track day with pals rearranged
Aerodynamics. Too hard for me. (4,2,4)
Triumph scooter
Motorcycle jumper (4,7)
1-3-4-2 = 4
Rod's bird takes care of your motor
8-hour country
Home of KTM
Going down the tube, sucker
Celerity again and again and again (5,5)
Elton's ride
Life before TFTs
Fuel additive mixes to give a festive chapeau!
Righty tighty - now you're buggered!
Single directive (3,3)
Biker gatherings
Fuel of the future?