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Noah's Big Shake Up!!!

Student: Noah Pickens
A type of stress that squeezes rock until it folds or breaks
Stress that Pushes a mass of rock in two opposite directions
The Earth's Crust that pulls rock apart
Has the the same structure as a normal fault, but is opposite to it
An extended break in a body of rock, marked by the relative displacement and discontinuity of strata on either side of a particular surface
A type of wave that comes last that forms when other waves reach earth's surface
The rocks on either side that of the fault slip past each other side-ways
A type of seismic wave that moves the ground up and down or side to side
The block of rock that lies above the footwall
A record of an earthquake's seismic wave produced by a seismograph
The shaking that results from the movement of rock beneath earth's surface
The point on earth's surface directly above an earthquake's focus
A type of seismic wave that compress and expands the ground
An elastic wave in the earth produced by an earthquake or other means
The point beneath Earth's surface where rock breaks under stress and causes an earthquake.
Stress that pulls on the crust , stretching rock so that it becomes thinner in the middle.
Pressure or tension exerted on a material
A natural feature of the earth's surface
The rock that lies bellow the hangingwall
The force that opposes the motion of one surface as it moves across another surface