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Europeans Come to New York

English explorer who sailed for the Netherlands; traveled up a river that is named after him now
Someone who travels to unknown places to discover new things
On its southern tip, New Amsterdam was established by Dutch colonists
Virginia colony founded before New Amsterdam that was the first permanent English settlement in North America
Started out fighting pirates for the English and then became one hiimself! William _____
Set up a Dutch colony named New Netherland that traded with local Native Americans
A place that is ruled by another country
First woman to establish a settlement in colonial America; Deborah _____
French explorer who traveled to northern New York and named a lake after hiimself: Samuel _____
The leader of a colony or state
Named for the wall that was build to protect from Native Americans and English
Llines that extend east to west, including the Equator; also called 'parallels'
New Amsterdam renamed for the Duke of York
A fur trading post set up by 30 Dutch families up the Hudson river
Sent to Peter Stuyvesant by the colonists to beg him to hand over the colony to avoid destruction
Italian explorer who sailed for Spain in the late 1400s
First was a whaling center filled with harbor towns
English explorer who sailed in the late 1400s and explored the Canada coast
A person who lives in a colony
Italian explorer who first saw New York Bay in 1524; Giovanni da _____
King Charles II's brother, James Duke of ___ was sent to take over New Netherland
English name given to Fort Orange
Henry Hudson's ship
Water route through North America searched for by European explorers; _____ Passage
Governor of New Amsterdam - "Old Silver Leg"- who paved streets and fixed buildings; ___ Stuyvessant
Meridian lines that run north to south; also called 'meridians' because they include the Prime Meridian
Leader of New Amsterdam; Peter ____; bought Manhattan from the Lenni Lenape
Landowner that possessed a large area of land who brought settlers over to work on it