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Chemistry and Matter

Teacher: Jeff Pitts
Gas turning to liquid
One hundred degrees C for water
Negatively charged subatomic particle
Molecules are packed closely together
Easily separated
Will disperse if not retained in a closed system
When a gas turns directly into a solid, and vice versa
Equals protons + neutrons
Neutrally charged subatomic particle
Whats dissolved in a solution
Assumes the shape of its container
Substance which is malleable, ductile, conductive
Physical property of solid changing to liquid or liquid changing to gas
Mass per unit volume
Well mixed
Solid turning to liquid
Number of protons in an atom
Smallest particle of a pure substance
Solid material formed by some chemical reactions
Elements are made of these
A liquid mixture
Liquid turning to gas
Positively charged subatomic partical
What does the dissolving
A solid solution of metals