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US History 8.3

Mrs. Bennett: Marti Bennett
Washington warned to avoid permanent alliances with these
Washington set a precedent by stepping down after how many terms?
In this speech Washington warned against two issues
First US president
How many terms did President Adams serve?
Thomas Jefferson called these a violation of free speech
Secretary of State Alexander Hamilton decided that this would be the best way for the government to raise money
Washington signed one protecting Native American lands
First US economic problem
A leader of the Federalist party
Alexander Hamilton proposed this, the Federalists supported it, but the Democratic-Republcans said that it was unconstitutional
Which two European countries were at war (again)
The Democratic- Republicans wanted the country's economy based on this
Speech, actions, or writing that encourage people to disobey the government
A flexible interpretation of the Constitution based on the elastic clause
The belief that the government only has the powers listed in the Constitution
The French demanded a bribe from commissioners sent by President Adams
A leader of the Democratic-Republican party
Washington's vice-president and the second US president
President Adams believed that both the national government and the executive branch should be this
A domestic crisis during Washington's presidency
Federalists wanted the US economy to be based on this
These secretaries make up a group to help the president to do his job
Jefferson feared too much of this being in the hands of one or a few people
A person from a foreign country who is not a citizen