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SK No.5

Puzzle Type: Professional
They bang on doors, initially out to trap villain (7)
Glen keeps snoring through "Shine" (6)
Made better odds for club describing match tips (5)
Tops bill in artworks (9)
Palm Pilot's first with a back-light (8)
Tackle HSC, failing Basic Design (6)
Stunning sort wears nothing. It's breathtaking (7)
Spooner's using mint with ham offering, we hear (7)
Discovering light years? (3)
What the tenor did when taking a drink? (7)
Adriatic Sea starts south of Split (7)
Surfing pros in Dee Why mentioned swell condition? (6)
Most wanting races to start late, missing 1st and 4th in Ascot coverage (8)
Trivia night's second round; one taunt and they snap (9)
Without case, avoided criminal record (5)
Coming from the East, I'm involved in scam that's shocking (6)
Trees damaged around two Left Bank features (7)
Finish up eating roast livers? (9)
Alternative rapper working with the Edge (5)
They won't match Dr Phil's firsts in broadcast radio (3,4)
Micro-mini gets a cruel snub at work (10)
Down, up - I'm entering a stage (4)
Informal masses poorly received in Jerusalem (7)
Barbies - gold digging and topless (5)
Produce score for "Alien" and "Taps" (4)
Patron of Crown and Anchor drunk and in a fog (10)
Vice President essentially no Ford? (3)
Up for driving charge - blocking a junction? (1.1.1)
Last couple in orgy with lots of these! (9)
Shaved ice with spirit drink for 5dn (7)
After missing start of fun party, left to clear up (7)
Mark expected to collect stipend (4)
Even 2dn was confused (2,3)
He's perfect, if you catch my drift (5)
Almost crazy, breaking ruler (4)