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Sociology of Families- Ch 1

Instructor: T Esguerra
A position a person occupies within a social group.
__________ involves making decisions that serve the individual's interests rather than the family's interest.
Sociological ____________ is the influence of social structure and culture on your interpersonal decisions.
A ___________ group is a social group that tends to involve small numbers of individuals in a close emotional relationship.
_________ is marriage involving one husband and two or more wives.
_________ refers to making decisions that serve the family's interests rather than the individual's interests.
The ___________ framework emphasizes how marriage and family contribute to society.
A _________ group is a social group that may be small or large, characterized by interaction that is impersonal and formal.
__________ theory is that individuals rationally weigh the rewards and costs associated with behavioral choices.
_________ is one wife with two or more husbands.
___________ is the philosophy whereby the interests of the larger group take precedence over the interests of the individual.
__________ Interaction framework views marriages and families as symbolic worlds in which the various members give meaning to one another's behavior.
Family of _________ refers to the family into which you were born or the family in which you were reared.
_________ theory views individuals in relationships as competing for valuable resources (time, money, power).
Social _______ theory views interaction and choices in terms of profit and cost.
_______ is marriage involving more than two spouses.
_________ adoption in Hawaiian culture allows a child to be adopted by someone in the extended family or by a childless couple.