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Animal Farm Vocabulary

Name: _________________________
Involving a total loss of dignity and self-respect
Occurring after somebody's death
Deliberately mysterious and seeming to have a hidden meaning
The devising of secret, cunning, or complicated plans and schemes
Never showing any sign of getting tired or of relaxing
Describes a horse whose coat has patches of two or more contrasting colors, especially black and white
Showing kindness or goodwill
To hide, especially in order to do something sinister
Habitually uncommunicative or reserved in speech and manner
A general rule, principle, or truth
To leap or skip around playfully
State of feeling hostile to someone
Somebody who carries messages between people, or tries to help them read an agreement
Trying to end an argument and make people feel less angry
Feeling, expressing, or demonstrating a strong dislike or utter lack of respect for somebody or something
To surrender, especially under agreed conditions
A warm moist preparation placed on an aching or inflamed part of the body to ease pain
Anger because something seems unfair or unreasonable
Demonstrating the worst aspects of human nature such as immorality, selfishness, and greed
To express grief or sorrow about something
Become unsure and hesitant
Happy, cheerful, and carefree
Requiring much unwelcome, often tedious effort
Settle in comfortably
A violent or noisy commotion