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A2 Elementary: Clothes and Accessories

Teacher: LLT
A woman's shirt.
A piece of clothing with thin material that covers the feet, legs and hips, typically worn by women and dancers.
An ornamental chain worn around the neck.
A piece of jewellery worn on, or hanging from the ear.
Something you wear to protect your eyes from the direct light of the sun.
A small, round piece of metal, worn on the finger.
A woman's small bag for carrying money or other small things.
A small folding case that holds money and credit cards.
An ornamental chain or band worn around the arm or wrist.
Personal ornaments, typically made from jewels or precious metals.
Clothing designed for swimming.
Similar to 1 down, but bigger and designed to be carried in the hand.
A piece of clothing worn over other clothes to protect you from getting wet.
A piece of cloth worn around the neck or head.