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Sarah Plan and Tall Ch 1-5

Teacher: PDCD
A fine, light colored plant
Minister, a person who preaches
To make a loud rattling noise
To weave together three or more strands of hair or straw
A sound made by movement
Troublesome, annoying
A black lump often used for drawing
A large spiral shaped shell
A thick soup with meat and veggies or fish
A hill of sand formed by wind
A flat fish that lives in the ocean and is good to eat ( salt water)
Unhappy or ill
A piece of thick cloth
Stone or brick floor of a fireplace often sticking out into the rooom
An area for keeping animals such as horses often found in a barn
The time of day before before dark
To go, get and bring back
A shellfish, somewhat like a clam
Rough to the touch
A shiny mineral found in the form of a rock