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Revolutionary War

Student: Laney Haines
Made a midnight ride to warn the colonists of the arrival of British troops.
Supreme law of USA.
Great Britain was in _____ so they made the colonists pay taxes on things.
Leader of continental army.
Mother land of colonies.
Tax on legal documents like marriage certificates.
Signaled the end of the war in 1783.
_____ Arnold was a spy during the war.
October 1777 battle\ turning point of the war.
Great Britain forced colonists to pay a tax on all tea.
George Washington's military camp.
Number of North American colonies.
Written by Thomas Paine to get the colonists to ask for independence.
Boycott of tea tax/ tea dumped into the harbor.
Colonists had to house British troops.
Made the first US flag.
Only colony not to send a delegate to the 1st Continental Congress.
Location of first Continental Congress, colonists declared war!
River crossed by Washington and troops to surprise British.
"1 if by ____, 2 if by sea."