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Animals at War

A dog that is trained to parachute through the sky
The most famous donkey in the First World War
German messenger dogs carried messages in a canister strapped to their _________.
Alexander the Great rode this animal into battle
Alexander the Great's horse's name that meant "ox head."
This war was the war that dogs were put to the greatest use
Soldiers who rode to battle on horseback
A terrible place for horses during battle
These animals are smaller than horses and were used to carry heavy loads during war
A city in Pakistan named after Alexander the Great's stallion
A pig that lifted a crew's spirits during long months at sea
This dog stayed awake at night and watched over the troops
This animal, named Tirpitz, became the mascot of the HMS Glasgow.
A type of bird that would carry messages during a war
This animal was a walking ambulance
The great general from Carthage in North Africa
This dog searches for survivors
This animal is used in war by attaching a small camera to its fin to take pictures of mines and enemy divers under water
These animals helped to light soldiers' maps at night
Ambulance dogs looked for wounded __________.