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Black or African-American Cultural History of the 1950's

Teacher: Mr Sindlinger's Idiosyncratic Puzzles
In 1952 after being placed on parole, this person became a leader of the Nation of Islam, and quickly rose to become one of the organization's most influential leaders. He served as the public face of this controversial group during the 1950's.
This is the name of the Arkansas city where nine students attended a 1957 public high school there for one year that had been ordered desegregated; they needed the help of the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army to attend school.
This is the complete name of a minister from Atlanta, Georgia, who went to Montgomery, Alabama in order to provide credible ethos to the new 1955 civil-rights movement.
This jazz violinist produced four albums during the 1950's: "Have Violin, Will Swing," 1957; "Stuff Smith," 1957; "Cat on a Hot Fiddle," 1959; and "Sweet Swingin' Stuff," 1959.
The civil-rights activist who began the peaceful Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955-1956 by refusing to give up her bus seat...
This baseball MVP player helped the Brooklyn Dodgers defeat the New York Yankees; it was the Yankees' first loss in a World Series since 1942 and only their second since 1926.
This musician won his first of 12 Grammy Awards beginning in 1959.
This poet was born in 1952 and became the first African American to have been appointed National US Poet Laureate since that position was created by an act of Congress.
In 1950, she starred as first African-American actress to have a lead role in a television series. However, she soon quit, complaining that the TV scripts' portrayal of African Americans was degrading. She later starred in a guest role both in 1957 and in 1959 on NBC TV's "The Ford Show."
In 1954, this poet and essayist won The Anisfield-Wolf Book Award, a literary award dedicated to honoring an author who has written works that make important contributions to the understanding of racism and the appreciation of American culture.
He was the first person from New York of African-American descent to be elected to Congress, and he served Harlem throughout the 1950's.
She was an American actress, singer, cabaret star, dancer, stand-up comedian, activist and voice artist, known for her highly distinctive singing style and her 1953 recordings and the enduring Christmas novelty smash "Santa Baby", which was a 1953 Top-10 hit.