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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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SK No.6

Puzzle Type: Professional
Neil down? (7)
Rubbish heap contains fetid fish heads (6)
Measure totem pole from the centre (5)
I can do leg damage trying to finish race (9)
"Clubs!" goes Pa, holding right and left bowers (8)
Gags on candy coated wormseed, oddly vomited (6)
Got another party started? (7)
Yawning a feature of baby's malnutrition (7)
Woman's bottom is 1ac (3)
He's expert at picking weed (small heads, not large) (7)
More Green reform for our GenY (7)
Live with own bear (6)
New way to get around super levy before introduction of indexation (4,4)
Types "hot" filling in form - a real smoothie (9)
Olive used to drive, we hear (5)
Cover displaying hood with Koran after a bombing (6)
Dull conditions outside (7)
Splashes about (having gone overboard) and posts nude shot (9)
Bone (alternatively fire, sack) Big Bird (5)
Question part of casino routine?! (2,2,3)
Jockey had means to own horse according to Doctor Green (4,3,3)
Genre initially popular and new in Britain (4)
Works for right wing of party around Canberra (7)
Dole out preserves, last of fig jam (5)
Ice cream salty without essential sweetener (4)
Old cat let gutless tabby stew, getting fish first (4,6)
& 25dn - Group could be callin' out loud for 26ac? (3,5)
Belle could be centre of attraction going 1ac (3)
WAGs left before rain risk developed (9)
A shade under 500, as a guide (7)
Keanu Reeves' first performance with Delta a bit rough (7)
Take tops from blood oranges, mixing bitter lemon (4)
See 15dn
Just like second mission... (5) suit shed kilo to prepare for journey (4)