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Events that lead to the Revolutionary war

author: salem
The Boston _______ occurred when one British solider fired at a group of colonists who were taunting the British soldiers t
Gave speeches about the unfair acts such as the stamp act
The colonists ________ the unfair taxes
The _______ of seventeen sixty three it limited the colonists ability to expand their boundaries
Colonists protest tax on British teas
British fought the french for a small piece of land
Colonial silver smith he made a picture of the Boston Massacre
He was chosen as a member of the first continental congress
An act that put a tax on foreigen sugar to be paid by the colonists to the British
People living in the 13 colonies
The _________ acts were the British laws that the colonists were forced to fallow
These were colonists that wanted independence from great Britain
British soldiers invade colonists homes
The ______ congress was a group of delegates to discuss the intolerable acts
Laws that place new taxes on glass,lead,paints,paper and tea
A tax on paper stamps and daily goods to the British
The location of the first continental congress
What the colonists called the British soldiers
______ without representation meant that the British taxed the colonists without letting them have a say in goverment
King______ the 3rd was the ruler in Britain during this time