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Life History Patterns/ Strategies

Teacher: Bettylyn Krafft
A group of individuals born at the same time, e.g. baby boomers are a large group of individuals born just after World War II
Different populations may have very different _______and these will determine their growth patterns.
Is an age-specific death schedule. Such a schedule is often converted to a more palatable survivorship schedule.
Put most of their energy into growth. They are common in stable environments near carrying capacity, e.g. long lived trees such as redwoods take many years of growth to reach reproductive age.
Ecologists assign mortality _______ to each class.
Ecologists divide populations into age ________
Put most of their energy into rapid growth and reproduction. This is a common of organisms that occupy unpredictable environments , e.g. weeds are usually annuals with rapid growth and early reproduction.
Ecologists assign _______rates
A structure refers to the proportions of pre-reproductive, __________and post- reproductive age individuals in a population.
R-selected organisms produce large number of ______ containing few stored nutrients.