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Sociology of Families Ch 2- Love

Instructor: T Esguerra
This theorist suggested the wheel model as an explanation for how love develops.
________ theory emphasizes that love feelings develop in response to certain behaviors engaged in by the partner.
The Wheel Model of love has four stages- _______, self-revelation, mutual dependency, and fulfillment of personality needs.
_________provided evidence that sexual interest and arousal are associated with motives to form and maintain a close relationship, to fall in love.
___________ love is a combination of intimacy, passion and commitment.
________ is necessary if one is to fall in love or feel invested in another.
This love style is characterized by a focus on the well-being of the person who is loved, with little regard for reciprocation.
This is a lifestyle in which two lovers embrace the idea of having multiple lovers.
___________ was a theorist that identified a number of styles of love that describe the way lovers relate to each other.
_________ developed the "triangular" view of love, which consists of three basic elements: intimacy, passion and commitment.
_________ jealousy are feelings that are a reaction to something the partner is doing.
________ love is "all about me".
This love style is logical and rational.
This theory of love posits that the primary motivation in life is to be connected to others.
_________ came up with five love languages which have become part of American love culture.
This type of love is between married people characterized by companionship, calmness, comfort, and security.
_______ is released from the pituitary gland during the expulsive stage of labor.
This love style is calm, soothing, nonsexual love and devoid of intense passion.
________ love is passion and commitment without intimacy.
The _______ love style views love as a game in which the player has no intention of getting seriously involved.