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Chapter 9 History Crossword

Chapter 9 History Crossword Puzzle: Jackson Gerard
1795 battle between Native Americans and American forces.
To formally swear in or induct into office.
Nation's top legal officer; today also the head of the Department of Justice.
Not siding with any other country in dispute.
Group of executive department heads that serve as the president's chief advisers.
Immigrants who are not yet citizens.
1797 incident which French officials demanded a bribe from U.S. diplomats.
1795 Treaty with Spain, allowing U.S. commercial use of the Mississippi River.
Revolution overthrowing the government in France that began in 1787 and ended in violence and mass executions.
An example that becomes standard practice.
Surrender or give up.
Series of four laws enacted in 1798 to reduce the political power of recent immigrants.
Stirring up rebellion against a new government.
Tax on imported goods.
Second president of the U.S.