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Spain Arrives in New Mexico

Teacher: Scarborough
An African slave who survived the Narvaez expedition, then acted as guide for Fray Marcos as they tried to find the golden city. NMJ85
It became common practice for Indians to trick Spaniards into leaving their lands using ________ NMJ85
The leader of the failed expedition that was hit by a hurricane on the Gulf of Mexico after leaving Florida. NMJ84
Cabeza de Vaca is now famous for being the first European to travel through this area of what is now the US. NMJ84
The legendary city that was supposed to be so wealthy that streets were paved with gold. NMJ86
Many Native people died as they tried to cross this river in an effort to get away from the Spanish soldiers. NMJ88
Mexico City was the center of _________, the name that was given to the area conquered by Cortez. NMJ85
Men from Coronado's expedition became the first Europeans to see this large land form. NMJ88
The Pueblo that Fray Marcos saw from a distance and mistook for Cibola. NMJ86
NM is home to the only known herd of _______ that are directly descended from the original animals brought here by explorers in the 1500s. NMJ85
The name of the Pueblo village now known more commonly as Zuni. NMJ86
The Hopi Pueblo is in this state. NMJ88
The first "state" in what is now known as the United States explored by Europeans. NMJ84
(last name) This explorer was sent to NM as the leader of one of the largest expeditions to come to the southwest after Fray Marcos reported seeing the 7 golden cities. NMJ87
Cabeza de Vaca had to ______ from being enslaved by area tribes before he could go back to New Spain. NMJ84
These men began to arrive in NM with Coronado's expedition. Their job was to convert local Natives to the Catholic religion. NMJ87
_____ 1536: The date that Cabeza de Vaca, Esteban, and 2 others finally made it back to New Spain after their ships sank. NMJ84
Spain had found large amounts of gold in these two countries, so they believed they would find gold wherever they went. NMJ85
An officer with the Narvaez expedition/one of the 4 survivors who made it back to New Spain. NMJ84
The leader of the first Spanish expedition sent into NM to look for the wealth that Cabeza de Vaca said was in the north. NMJ86