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Ancient Greece

Athenian law giver.
Alexander's father.
Hey Venus, yah baby she got it, i'm your Venus, I'm your fire...
Site of the first Olympics.
Parthenon locale.
Spartan type of gov't.
Greek god of war.
Athens or Sparta.
Spartan Slave.
Greek marketplace.
Arrow shooting greek god.
These early greeks lived on the island of Crete.
Largest Greek island.
He had wings on his feet(speedy).
La-la intro.
Spear of the Phalanx.
Type of gov't in which the people freely elect their leader.
Chief Olympian god.
God of the sea.
Alexander's teacher.
Geek bolt shooter.
Cruel, ruthless dictator.
Simplest form of pillar.
Other name for a city-state.
God of the underworld.