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Rocks & Mineral Vocabulary

Teacher: Ms. Luckey
The mineral with the greatest hardness is a ___.
Rock that forms from magma or lava
Huge mass of rocks and sediment dropped off by a glacier
Bits of sand or silt that have settled on the bottom of a liquid or been left on the land
Solid mineral material that forms the Earth
Dropping of weathered rock by wind or moving water
Rock that forms from bits of weathered rock deposited by water or air
The process of rock breaking apart from gravity, wind, sun, or rain
A mineral that breaks along smooth lines is said to have ___.
Reamains or trace of something that was alive once
The color left behind when a rock is rubbed across a white tile is called its ___.
The Mohs' scale measures the ___ of a mineral.
Process of weathered rock moving from one place to another by wind, water, or gravity
Melted rock inside a volcano
___ describes how minerals reflect light.
Any nonliving solid that has a crystal form
Natural process that causes one kind of rock to change into another form
Rock that was changed by great pressure and heat deep within Earth
Hot molten rock that has erupted from a volcano
Huge sheets of ice found in very cold places like Alaska