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Breeds of Animals

Teacher: Alan Geiger
A black polled breed of cattle originally from England
A Red to gold color over back breed that came from France
A dual purpose breed that can be red, white or roan in color
A breed originally from India known for its tolerance of heat and insects
A reddish breed from Texas that is a cross between Shorthorn and Brahman
A black pig with a white belt that originated from Kentucky
A strong foraging breed of cattle with a white face and red body
A breed of cattle with a white face and reddish body from Switzerland known for its milking ability
A Cross between an Angus and Brahman
A spotted pig with fifty percent white and fifty percent black and drooping ears from Ohio
An English pig who is very similar to the Poland China except it has a shorter snot
Red breed of swine with erect ears that originated from the New England States
A white pig with drooping ears from Pennsylvania
A black pig with six white points including its tail, face and feet that originated from Ohio
A breed from Texas that is a cross between Brahman bulls and Hereford cows, then cross with Shorthorn bulls
A white breed of cattle that are heavily muscled