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ELL Crossword Puzzle

nick: masone
When youre not happy
What you say when you are leaving
When you work with someone else
What youre called
Proper way to greet someone
Kids who learn from teachers
What you eat
Small gathering of people working together
What the teacher writes on
When you ask its a
Lending someone a hand
To enjoy what is going on
Give information to students
What you wear
Use pen on paper to
Where you are with the teacher
Living creatures
Work done at home
Used to surf the web
Writing utensil
Do not continue
Someone you hangout with
When something needs to be remembered it is
Using your eyes to see words on a page
Big part of a grade
When u help others you do it
To do something is to
Physical games
Where you sit in class
Where you go for education
Used to call others
When youre not mean youre
Stay patiently
Where your work is done