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Follow The Cloud Not The Crowd

CC Teacher: Sis. Penn
What color where the trumpets?
God gave the people enough quail for a whole _____.
God said he would give them so much quail until it would come out of their ________.
The people ate so much quail that they got ____.
Name of celebration for covering the doorpost with blood.
They were slaves in the land.
Moses was distressed and he ______.
God caused what kind of bird to come from the sea?
The ___ ___ opened for them to pass through.
The name of the bread from heaven.
The people complained because they were _____.
In the night time they followed ____.
Moses hammered out two ________.
God told Moses he would put some of his _____ on the elders.
In the day time they followed a _____.
God told Moses to gather together _______ elders.
God ask Moses "Is the Lord's ___ too short?