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history vocabolary

author: mia
One of the many trading cites along the coast of east Africa.
A powerful king of mali in the early ADs.
A desert that stretches through most of north africa
City centered around the west African forests.
Located in present day Nigeria. like IIe-Ife, this place became a center for art.
Sight of a ruined medieval town that was the capital of Ghana.
Powerful southeastern city in Africa.
Leading kingdom of the west African savannah in the 1940s.
Located in present day Ethiopia, was an important city for trade.
A rich kingdom of the west African savannah.
A bantu language that has words borrowed from Arabic.
A country in northeast Africa that was formed in the 1st century and declined in the 7th.
A large group of Africans and the related languages they speak.
River in Africa flowing east through angola then back to zambezi.
Churches dug into deep rock.
A follower of the religion islam.
Areas with grassland and scattered bushes.
A dense forest found in tropical places with considerably heavy rain.
King of mali before mansa musa who founded the kingdom.
A river in central Africa flowing about 4700 m.
A west African city based on the wealth of the salt and gold trade.
A town in west Africa near the niger river.
Vegetation consisting of shrubs and thorny bushes.