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Women in the New Testament

Women of the New Testament : Pastor Meredith
Grandmother of Timothy 2 Timothy 1:5
One of Jesus' followers Luke 8:2
Gave birth to Jesus's cousin Luke 1:57
Always in the kitchen Luke 10:40
Withheld money for offering Acts 5:1
From Philippi - helped the Apostle Paul Philippians 4:2
Pastor Ben's wife 1 Corinthians 1:11
Stood at the foot of the cross John 18:25
Carried the letter of Colossians Philemon 1:2
Healed by an evil spirit by Jesus Luke 8:3
Was served the head of John the Baptist Matthew 14:3 -12
"Who has worked hard in the Lord." Romans 16:12
A Deacon in the church Romans 16:1
Another name for Dorcas Acts 9:36, 39
Business woman in Philippi - her house a meeting house for Christians Acts 16:14
Teacher in the church of Philipi Philippians 4:2
First woman to acclaim Christ at the temple Luke 2:36-38
Jesus healed her
Served the church in Rome Romans 16:12
Gave Jesus water at the well John 4: 7-42
Lived in Rome 2 Timothy 4:21
Sister to Drusilla Acts 24:24
Sat at Jesus' feet Luke 10:39
In Buffy the Vampire Killer Acts 24:24
A mother who didn't know what she was asking Mark 16:1-8
A saintly woman Romans 16:15
A maid in a house in Jerusalem Acts 12:13
Mother of Timothy 2 Timothy1:5